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How to Write Offers Which Sell


This is a key post in the “Sales” category, because writing offers is one of the difficult aspects of selling. To achieve success in face-to-face selling, you could use a wide range of methods – demonstration materials, personal charm, linguistic skills, ability to manage the communication process etc. The written offer, however, is being usually considered when you are absent, and it is quite questionable how clients would react, i.e. it is much harder to make them think the way you want.

The tips in the file for downloading Guidelines How to Write Offers are directed to sellers and are closely related to writing offers because, my experience shows, a lot of sales people lack serious skills exactly in this area.

The tips I have prepared would mostly serve the needs of writing sales offers for (complex) technological solutions, but they could also be used for all other products or services. You just need to creatively adapt them.

My advice includes a number of aims to be achieved by the offer. You could also add your own aims. What is important while writing a component of the offer is to always ask yourself “Does the thing I want to include support the achievement of my aim?” If the answer is NO, you’d better ignore it – it’s useless to complicate the text and distract the reader’s attention.

If you think I have missed something or you find something wrong or inapplicable, send me a note to I would appreciate every comment and I would include the useful ideas in the next versions of the offer writing guides.

Download Guidelines How to Write Offers and improve your sales success rate.

Good luck!

Stefan Dimitrov
Stefan Dimitrov
25+ years experience as Chief Marketing Officer of leading companies in the fields of Information Technology and Medical Devices Distribution, Sales & Marketing consultant of SMB companies, Sales & Marketing trainer I do believe that marketing is a mix of science, art, and a piece of good luck! For sure there are many common scientific rules and principles that lie at the roots of every marketing project, but the art is in the way they are combined and implemented because there is no any universal formula for success. Good luck is always important...

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